&nbsp 15 Keys: End War is the final Chapter of the Destroyer saga. It will involve many playable characters from across the 15 Keys universe and will have a story on par with the books.

Playable CharactersEdit

  • Zach (Darkreign sword)
  • Kristine (Deathbringer Scythes)
  • Hopey (Artic Hunter revolver)
  • Kona (13th Blade Katana)
  • Sasha (Flaming Fists)
  • Katy (Harbringer warhammer)
  • Anna (Her Powers)
  • Hooded Figure (Etheral Blades)
  • Harriet (Her Powers)

Unlockable Characters:

  • Destroyer [Pass the game on Super Conduit]
  • Hopey's Chosen Form [Pass the Game on Chosen or higher]
  • Kristine's Chosen Form [Pass the game on Neocrity or higher]
  • Kona's Chosen Form [Pass the game on Human or higher]
  • Anna {Hoodie} [Pass the game on Ruler or higher]


  • Sol
  • NeoSol
  • Creeper
  • Infected
  • Superconduit underling
  • Demon
  • Warrior
  • Paradox runner
  • Wall eater


  • Taylor
  • Destroyer
  • Kona's Shadow
  • Demon King
  • The Nightmare
  • Super Conduit Sero
  • Super Conduit Kora
  • Super Conduit Reno
  • Super Conduit Done
  • Super Conduit Lord


Gameplay is unique depending on the character you choose, for instance if you choose a character that has a tether power they can swing their blades at a range. The X Button triggers a quick attack, which have no limit to their combo's, Square triggers a Medium Attack which have limited combo's (About 7) and cause equal damage but can be countered easier, and will also slow you down after a combo is completed. Triangle will do one of two things, A heavy attack that can be done once at a time, or a blast attack which consumes core energy, Both of these are damaging and can only be chained into a combo as the finishing move, or done alone for slow, powerful attacks. Circle Will make your character jump, and if you hold it certain characters will use a thruster ability to fly or glide. Powers are mapped to R1, R2, L1, and L2, and consume core energy, but cause effects and certain amounts of equiped ability damage.


The player can play among different areas, these include:

  • Kooringal streets
  • Kooringal High
  • The Nexus
  • Downtown wagga wagga
  • Outskirts
  • RSL
  • Memorial Gardens
  • The final Dimension

Versus only

  • Zirro's arena
  • Beast's arena
  • Destroyer's arena

Game modesEdit

there are multiple modes among this game:

  • Story Mode: The player may choose from the 6 chosen only out of all playable characters avaliable.
    • Bonus Mode: This time all characters can be selected
  • Versus mode: Up to 4 Players can choose a character and battle in arena's
  • Chronicle mode: Play as the Hooded Figure and discover his story
  • Gallery: View artwork of the books
  • (DLC) Fate By Blades mode: Unlocks a fate by blades story and 7 new characters.


  • There will be a book based on this story
  • Interestingly you can play as Samu in Kona's place
  • The Hooded Figure is only in Chronicle mode until you get the Fate by Blades DLC

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