Baojian Crusaders
Historical Information
Location: Wu Wei, Liang Province
Start: 253
End: 278
Major General(s): Yan Jian

Jin Li

Sheng Ho

Xuanfeng Yan

Hai Qiong

Qiong He

Hai Sheng

Lin Huang

He De

Major Battle(s) Battle of Bei Dei

Battle of Lou You Pass

Battle of Mt. Xi Jun

Battle of Zhang Ye

Battle of Yan Men

Defense at Liang Zhou

  The Baojian Crusaders are a fictional kingdom that appears on Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires and Romance of the Three Kingdoms X. They are a massive rogue army that assembled their forces in the cities of Wu Wei and Xi Ping and is led by Bao Dang, the son of the now deceased Baojian Rogues leader Bao Ming and Yan Mei. Their main goal is to put a stop to the rampage caused by the Sima Clan who has abused and usurped the power in the Wei Kingdom and a caused a large number of rebellions to break out.


  • Bao Dang (235-279) - The son of the deceased Bao Ming and Yan Mei and is the leader of the Baojian Crusaders. He is a hot blooded and courageous young man who wants to fulfill his father legacy and formed a massive army along with his best friends and relatives. Bao Dang managed to occupy both the cities of Wu Wei and Xi Ping in Liang Province and attacked the Wei army in numerous battles, however in the year 278, he was killed at the defensive battle of Liang Zhou (Liang Province) by Wen Yang.
  • Bao Chaimei (261-284) - The oldest daughter of Bao Dang and Zhuge Mei.

Other FiguresEdit

  • Zhuo Shi- An immortal and powerful sorceress who serves as the prime minister for the Baojian Crusaders. She is known for creating a handful of strategies for Bao Dang to combat the Wei army in many battles, Zhuo Shi is also skilled at political matters and well as utilizing her magical powers against her foes during battle. However, she retired to a mountain hermitage along with her husband Sheng Long after Bao Dang passed away and the Baojian Crusaders were destroyed by Jin dynasty.
  • Yan Jian- The best friend and sworn brother of Bao Dang and the son of Yan Ming who serves the Baojian Crusaders as the rear general. He assisted Pan Xiang and Liang Shi in numerous battles such as the Battle of Zhang Ye and the Battle of Yan Men, Yan Jian then took Bao Dang's daughter under his care after he saw the rise and fall of the Baojian Crusaders.
  • Pan Xiang- Another best friend and sworn brother of Bao Dang and is the son of Pan Pi who serves the Baojian Crusaders as the vanguard strategist. He along with Liang Shi fought the Wei army in the Battle of Zhang Ye and also assisted the Shu forces at the Battle of Taoyang as reinforcements. But at the battle of Yan Men, he was killed in an ambush led by Hao Zhao.
  • Pan Yun- The younger brother of Pan Xiang and Pan Pi's second son who serves as a minister of the left for the Baojian Crusaders. He assisted Hai Qiong and Bao Dang's wife Zhuge Mei at the Battle of Lou You and was successful in leading a pincer attack on Qian Tong and Wang Tao and captured them in the process. When Pan Yun was captured by the Wei forces at the Battle of Yan Men, he suffered the same fate as his brother.
  • Zhuge Bai- The fictional daughter of the Wu officer Zhuge Jin and the middle sister of Zhuge Ke and Zhuge Mei who serves as a grand marshal for the Baojian Crusaders. She played a major role in participating the battles against the Wei army and Jiang Wei's northern campaigns, Zhuge Bai is skilled at proposing a number of strategies and uses them to score minor victories for the Shu army during their expeditions. However, after the Baojian Crusaders fell. Zhuge Bai joined the Wu army and fought bravely in their final campaign against the kingdom of Jin, but she dies due to exhaustion overwhelming her body shortly after.
  • Zhuge Mei- The fictional second daughter of Zhuge Jin and the youngest sister of Zhuge Bai and Zhuge Ke who serves as a field strategist for the Baojian Crusaders led by her husband Bao Dang. She bore a daughter named Bao Chaimei for her husband and participated in the Battle of Lou You alongside her best friend Hai Qiong. Zhuge Mei succeded in ambushing Zhu Guang and Shi Bao during the battle but was forced to retreat when her best friend was killed in a duel which broke her heart. She attacked the Wei forces led by Chen Tai at the Battle of Bao Han to honor the memory of Hai Qiong, however, she was utterly killed when the Wei army surrounded her by cutting off her escape route, preventing her from escaping in the process.
  • Xuanfeng Yan- A officer who serves as a 3rd spear general for the Baojian Crusaders and is the older brother of Xuanfeng Mei. He participated in Jiang Wei's northern campaigns along with his sister as reinforcements at the battle of Taoyang. Xuanfeng Yan fought bravely against Chen Tai and Sima Wang's troops but he was killed along with Xuanfeng Mei and Xiahou Ba when they were ambushed by the Wei troops on the mountain pass.
  • Xuanfeng Mei- The younger sister of Xuanfeng Yan who serves as a 4th spear general for Baojian Crusaders. She also assisted Jiang Wei in the Battle of Taoyang against the Wei army and fought side by side with her brother against Chen Tai and Sima Wang's troops. However, she suffered the same fate as her brother.
  • Hai Qiong- The youngest sister of Xuanfeng Yan and Mei who serves as an archer general for Baojian Crusaders. She attacked the Wei army alongside her best friend Zhuge Mei at the Battle of Lou You on Bao Dang's orders. She engaged the Wei general Zhu Guang in a fierce duel but was killed in the ensuing chaos.
  • Jin Li- This fierce and very powerful general is the son of fictional shu minister Liu Shang who serves as the leader of the Generals of the Four Gods and dragon general for the Baojian Crusaders. He defeated the Wei army in numerous battles such as the Battle of Bei Di, Battle of Mt. Xi Jun, and the Battle of Jin Cheng. Jin Li even fought bravely against the Wei officer Wen Yang in a lengthy duel at the Battle of Yan Men which ended in a draw, however, he fell extremely ill after the struggle and passed away when he returned home.
  • Hai Sheng- The daughter of Liu Shang and the younger sister of Jin Li who serves as a firebird general of the Generals of the Four Gods led by her brother for the Baojian Crusaders. She fought alongside her friend Bo Qian against the Wei army in the Battle of Zhang Ye and used her terrifying might to route Guanqiu Jian and his troops. Hai Sheng then continued to score victories in numerous battles against the Wei army, but at the Battle of Mt. Xi Jun, she was killed in a rockslide attack orchestrated by Deng Ai.
  • Sheng Ho- The fictional son of the Wei officer Shen Dan who serves the Baojian Crusaders along with his sister Sheng Mai as a cavalier general. He is good friends with Jin Li due to him being married to his sister Hai Sheng, Sheng Ho joins his friend to fight against the Wei army at the Battle of Bei Di but was soundly defeated by the Wei army reinforcements led by Hao Zhao. He later assisted his wife in the battle of Zhang Ye and the Battle of Jin Cheng and successfully helped pull off a number of victories, Sheng Ho assisted the Shu army led by Jiang Wei at the Battle of Wei River and fought well against Chen Tai and Deng Ai's troops. But he was knocked off his horse by an arrow shot by Deng Ai's archer troops which caused him to drown in the river and dies shortly after. 
  • Sheng Mai- The fictional daughter of Shen Dan and Sheng Ho's younger sister who serves the Baojian Crusaders as a perimeter general. Skilled at archery and bow tactics, She assisted Liang Shi and Pan Xiang at the Battle of Zhang Ye and successfully fended off Chen Tai's assault with 300 of her archer troops. Sheng Mai later participated in Jiang Wei's northern campaigns against the Wei army and managed to kill the Wei generals Han Shou and Chen Qian in an ambush during the siege at the city of Didao, she also defeated and captured Wei Guan and Wang Jun at the Battle of Duan Valley. However at the Battle of Mangshui, Sheng Mai was killed when she fell victim to an ambush orchestrated by Sima Wang.
  • Guan Tian- The fictional oldest son of Guan Yu's daughter Guan Yinping who serves the Baojian Crusaders as a subordinate of Sheng Ho's calvary unit along with his younger brother Guan Meng. He attacked the Wei army at Zhang Ye and managed to route both Zhuge Xu and Wang Tao in a series of ambushes, Guan Tian later assisted Jiang Wei at the Battle of Taoyang against the Wei army led by Deng Ai and Chen Tai. However, He was killed by Deng Ai when the later impaled him with his spear.

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