Blade Musou: Path of the Warrior is a game released using Blade Musou as its base. Unlike Blade Musou, and its expansion, PotW is about immersing the player into the context through the usage of more advanced custom characters than its predecessing games.


The battlefield mechanics from the previous games are retained, however players are limited to a single character per profile, acting as the players avatar in the world. They have access to the same movesets available in Blade Musou and Blade Musou: Xtreme Legends, but also now gain access to three new movesets: Greatsword, Bow and Axe.

Player characters can also gain access to "Strategies" that may be implemented once when a pre-set amount of KOs are reached. These Strategies can raise allied morale, decrease enemy morale, bring reinforcements or even replenish allied health. Up to three strategies can be equipped before battle.

The town and camp screens are retained and players may interact with various officers and build relations with them. These can affect an officers actions in battle or grant some other bonus. Additionally, certain attacks from a characters moveset may be blended with pre-exiting attacks in the edit movesets to create an all new unique moveset.

Game modesEdit

Story Mode: Players create their character and step into the world of Fate By Blades. The story is seperated into chapters, and at the begining of each the player chooses which force to side with. Due to the player being the central character, their decisions and actions will affect the story.

Edit Mode: Players may customise their character and moveset using various unlocked options.

Options: Functions the same as previous games.

Vault: Functions the same as previous games.

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