Blade Musou: Xtreme Legends, or Warriors: Fate By Blades Xtreme Legends, is an expansion for Blade Musou, adding new characters and game modes. If you have previous save data from Blade Musou, and make use of the Remix function, players will be able to keep all character development, Edit Characters, Story progess and Chronicles data and gain access to all the original game modes, aside from Vault and Edit mode, which remain in the expansion.

New FeaturesEdit

  • A new class of weapon, Legend, is added making five classes of weapons for each character.
  • Another Charge attack, C9, has been added. This is easily the most devastating Charge attack available.
  • A new mode, Historical mode, has been added. Players may use any character to play out the cannon story of Fate By Blades, whereas in Story Mode characters were limited to Canon until the stage is completed.
  • A new game mode, Challenge mode, has been added. This mode contains three challenges: Rampage, where a player must defeat as many enemies within the time limit, Arena, where a player must defeat as many officers as possible and Battlefield, where players must fulfill as many battlefield objectives within the time limit.
  • A new character, Marcus Delmege has been added to the roster, along with an unlockable story for story mode.
  • New Edit Character options are available.
  • Edit Characters gain a story mode, which is unlockable.
  • New stages have been added.
  • New Music Tracks have been added.
  • New Outfits for pre-existing characters are available.
  • DLC is available.

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