Cai Mao (蔡瑁), styled Degui (德珪), born in Nan. “Assisted Liu Biao in taking control of Jing, prevented Liu Qi from visiting father(Cai Feng).” Cai Mao was affiliated with Liu Biao and the Wei Kingdom.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (2010)Edit

Cai Mao 2
Cai Mao, the brother of Cai Shi and the brother-in-law of Liu Biao. After the death of Liu Biao, he request Liu Zong to surrender the land for Cao Cao. Since he plan to serve the Wei, he'll start to develope and train the wei army of the battleship.

First appearance: Episode 30

Ending: Episode 40

Differences Between Fact and Common FictionEdit

  • Was more a civil official than a naval commander.
  • Did not put Liu Cong into power against Liu Biao’s wishes.
  • Did not try to kill Liu Bei.
  • There is little evidence that he was executed by Cao Cao.

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