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Dynasty Warriors 10
Developer(s): Koei, BaseSon Interactive
Publisher(s): Omega Force, BaseSon Interactive
Release date: Flagjapan/FlagUS/FlagCanada May 2nd, 2015

FlagEurope/FlagAust May 3rd, 2015

Genre: Hack and Slash, Strategy, Romance
Game modes: Single Player, Multiplayer
Ratings: ESBR: ESBR T Teen
Platform(s): Playstation 4, XBox 720

Dynasty Warriors 10 is the Tenth installment released on May 2nd, 2015 for both English and Japanese. It was also the very first ever game to be released on the new Playstation 4 and the fourth game to be released on the XBox 720. Like usual, new officers were released, but this time, 5 Faction was released which is the English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. In addition, the new characters that were introduced and were left out in the previous titles from the Dynasty Warriors 3 Fanon, the Kohime characters were reintroduced, and were remodeled and fully recreated into a new, beautiful (and handome) looks for the new female officers and leaders. Free Mode has been added back in the game, in addition to a newer and cleaner Edit mode for making Musou Modes and Maps. Considering this is a Romance genre as well, this also introduced a new relation system where you can build up either a romantic or an oath with other warriors (and generics) or become more bitter with them and fight them. Empire Mode was also added back to the game with a new, easier and smoother map interface with some new factions too.

Also, the other factions that had been left out, were reintroduced, and remodeled and had made better weapons. Some were also reverted back to what they looked like back in Dynasty Warriors 3 by fan request, except, they were made more sharper and modern.

Previously, the player was also forced to play with English Subtitles. Due to some complaints that they prefer to hear the Japanese voices, a new thing was added to help the player understand some lines in Japanese on the title screen, and even gained the option to play the game in Japanese, with Japanese words, or just vocally. But also, the English voices were dubbed by the original Japanese people, so now, it sounds just like the Japanese voices, only in English. To not get confused with the Kohime Characters (Since they have the Japanese names of people such as Xiahou Dun, Guan Yu, Zhou Yun, etc.), they say the English names in both dubbings.

One of the other newest features is Realism, that was added. Now, whenever your character is walking, depending on the weight of their weapon, they will have a greater or less chance of fighting and defending. For example, if you play as Wen Chou, his strength is durable enough to hold a long sword, but if holding one of his Cleaver Swords, he will often slump on the ground and carry it with him, dragging it. If his strength is higher and reaches maximum stength, he will always carry it with one hand, and he will never fail in dropping it.


Like previous titles, there is always the Shu, Wei and Wu, but now, some unplayable officers were created to made playable, and the Yuan, Nanman and Dong were added into the game as playables.

Shu Forces


Wei Forces


Wu Forces


Dong Characters


Yuan Characters

Nanman Characters

Other Characters

  • More to be added...


Kohime CharactersEdit

With this new expansion, the Kohime Characters from the visual novel Kohime Musou, made a reapperance, except only this time, every single character got a drastic makeover and some of their personalities even changed. Enjustu and her own faction was introduced, and a new female English faction was introduced. There was no word if there was going to be other female European factions like for the males.

Edit ModeEdit

Edit Mode also returned, except with a smoother and much more easier user friendly apperance. This feature can only be used if your Playstation 4 or XBox 720 is connected to your computer. 1024x780 is required for this mode.

Voice Acting ChangesEdit

The voice actors of the original Japanese subbings, were introduced in the English version as well. The pronunciations also changed to prevent confusion with the Kohime Characters which use the Japanese names, for example, if one refers Cao Cao as "Sou Sou", the person automaticly refers to the leader of the Gi faction. This was changed to "Tsao Tsao", and has a "Sao". Another example is if the player hears "Kan U", the instantly think of the Black haired beauty "Kan'u" of Shotu. This was changed to "Guan Di" so the player can know that it's the Black bearded beauty that they are mentioning.


This was probally one of the most hardest choices to date. Koei created a new realism system where at times, a character will have a weapon, and it will be either extremely light, or extremely heavy. Depending on what your strength level and the weight of it, the characters chance of defending or attacking will be either much easier or much harder. Additionally, the character could fall down, and hurt themselves, lowering their life bars greatly. Some realism, was not added, for example, hitting a bunch of officers, getting hit, and not dying in an instance.


With the remade, and new relation system, you can build relations with other warriors. If you are the warrior who wishes to obtain all the women (or men if you prefer) in the Kingdom, you can build up a relationship with anyone of the characters (including generic officers) and marry more than one of them. Europeans will not accept more than one, and just them. Doing so, will make them rebel and attack your territories. If you aren't the romantic type, and want to have a strong oath with everyone, you can build oaths and make them your sworn brothers (and/or sisters). It is possible to have an oath with everyone in the Kingdoms including the Europeans and have a peaceful victory.

Empires ModeEdit

Empires mode was reintroduced in a cleaner, and much better map than previous modes. Now there is more territories to the south such as the rest of Nanman, the Spice Islands, Korea and part of Japan. The Europeans start out at the Spice Islands and the Southern Nanman always. In addition in reuniting China, you can also make the other kingdoms force to join your new Empire.


Oddly, in this new 10th installment, Europeans were non-historicly introduced. Since they had added the later Mongolian and Khitan empires, they decided to add them too. They are only unlocked if you have played Empires once (or five times for all factions to be unlocked).



  • Henry (hes the King of England)





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