Dynasty Warriors X was the first unreleased game in the dynasty warriors series, with development beginning in 2002. A few beta versions were released, however these were the only copies ever made before numerous complaints regarding many glitches and other unattractive content cut the fund operations and forced the game to be cancelled in the following year.       
Little is known about the game origins and development, yet many rumors have spread stating that the development team made it as a cruel joke to play on their audience. It was said bugs were intentionally left into the game and characters making juvenile "poo-poo" jokes throughout the entire game. Examples of said bathroom humor include, "this coalition thing is starting to constipate me", a line supposedly from Dong Zhuo. Others are also said to be sexual innuendo, such as, "My spear shall open up a path to my lord's dreams and to mine as well", a line allegedly from Zhao Yun.    

However, the thing that caused the majority of the negative criticism was the fact that people actually believe whatever is just written on the internet. THis article has been made up, and you are a fool for reading this and have wasted 5 minutes of your life. 

                                                                              -Sima Yi

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