Ge Xuan is one of the Four great Immortal Guardian of the Three Kingdoms era and was apprenticed under Zuo Ci, allied with Wu he is aligned under the Suzaku (Vermilion Bird of the South) as the Guardian of the Southern territories, Ge Xuan uses the element of Fire and is a Master Swordsman.

Ge Xuan is one that judges the unfortunate state of the Guardians and China, stating at least once before that the central Guardian - the Gold Dragon of the Centre and their Leader - had been hunted to death by fearful humans at some point and had yet to be replaced, without a leader the Guardians were forging loyalties to different nations in hopes that they will one day unify China for a new Guardian to be named.

He learns that when their leader dies, the antithesis of the Golden Dragon dies too, and when a leader is chosen another Guardian is chosen to become the antithesis representative.


  • Ge Xuan is a Taoist from the Three Kingdom's period, famous for his apprenticeship under Zuo Ci and living in Western Wu.

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