Guan Suo is the third son of Guan Yu. He doesn't appear until Zhuge Liang begins his campaign against the Nanman. He explains that:

"After the fall of Jingzhou, I was hidden by the Bao family from where I wanted to go to the River Lands to ask the First Ruler for a revenge against my father. But I fell in illness, which was long and severe, and I only just recovered. I was then travelling towards Chengdu to meet with the Latter Ruler, when I met the army in the south expedition. I know that vengeance has been taken upon the murderers of my father. And now I want to present myself to the Prime Minister."

Soon after many years, Liu Bei died of illness and Zhuge Liang decided to resume his training in hermitage. Hua Guan Suo succumbed to illness as well and his wives and subordinates disbanded. Although the original story allegedly ends here, different editions expand the story to have Hua Guan Suo instead die in battle during the Nanman campaigns or during Shu's later fall. He sometimes only succeeds in defeating Lu Meng in certain editions.

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