When Guo Si and Li Jue seized Chang'an and the imperial court, Han Sui, along with his sworn brother, Ma Teng, Governor of Xiliang, devised plans to defeat them. Scouts were sent to the capital to find those who would help their cause. Soon, the Court Counselors Chong Shao and Ma Yu, along with Imperial Commander Liu Fan, agreed to help them from within. The three men obtained secret imperial edicts from the Emperor, that promoted Han Sui to the Commander Who Guards the West, and Ma Teng was made Commander Who Conquers the West.

As they marched onto the capital with one hundred thousand troops, two subordinates of the duo of Guo Si and Li Jue, Wang Fang and Li Meng stopped them with an army behind them. Han Sui and his sworn brother rode out to the forefront, verbally attacking the enemy army. Han Sui shouted, "There are the rebels! Who will capture them?". Ma Chao, Ma Teng's seventeen-year old son, rode out and dueled Wang Fang. After a few bouts, Wang Fang was speared through, and Ma Chao captured Li Meng. With their commanders' absence, the enemy troops began a broken retreat, but Han Sui and his army pursued them and inflicted heavy losses. Their armies then set up camp in a nearby pass and executed Li Meng.

Because the rebel forces would not take action, the allied forces of Ma Teng and Han Sui were running low on supplies. Scouts reported that Chong Shao, Ma Yu, and Liu Fan were discovered as co-conspirators against Guo Si and Li Jue and thus were executed. The armies of Ma Teng and Han Sui were dismissed to go back to their respective regions, as their helpers were dead and supplies were at an all-time low. Fan Chou pursued Han Sui as his army left. When the rebel general reached Han Sui, the latter asked, "You and I are fellow townsmen. How can you hunt me down like this?" Fan Chou responded by saying that he was acting in the name of the emperor, to which Han Sui said, "I too fight for the ruling house, why press me so hard?" Fan Chou turned his army around and allowed Han Sui to flee. Guo Si and Li Jue's forces were eventually defeated by Cao Cao, who moved the capital to Xuchang.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (2010)Edit

Han Sui
Han Sui first appearance in the camp, his sworn brother, Ma Teng, held meeting about future to against Cao Cao.

First appearance: Episode 60

Ending: ?

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