Hex Mark (的廬馬, Dílú mǎ) is a uniquely colored horse that was said to have tear drop markings and a blazing white patch on its forehead. The color of its mane and hair varies in its many appearances but it is a black, gray, or white stallion in the Dynasty Warriors series. In the Dynasty Warriors series, it usually increases the player's Luck stat.

Hex Mark is a horse that Liu Bei received when he was serving under Liu Biao. While staying at a banquet, Liu Bei felt he was in danger and used this steed to escape from Cai Mao and Kuai Yue. With a mighty cry, he urged Hex Mark to cross the raging river from a seemingly impossible distance. His steed performed a sudden jump and rode Liu Bei to safety. The Book of Jin mentions that Liu Bei and Cao Cao went together to pick out the horse. It accepted Liu Bei so well that the townspeople cheered when he rode off with it.


Liu Bei kept Hex Mark and continued to ride with it. He uses the horse to escape an assassination attempt. During his flight, he reached Xiang River, which had a swift current. Liu Bei urged the horse to walk through the bank as his pursuers rode closer. When he felt Hex Mark's forelegs beckon, Liu Bei began to cry, "Dilu, Dilu! Why betray me?" In that same instance Hex Mark made a tremendous leap through the river's current and reached the opposing shore. The story describes that Liu Bei felt as though he were flying.

Pang Tong and Liu Bei were ready to ride off when the strategist's mount reared and threw him off his feet. Concerned by the quality of their steeds, Liu Bei bade Pang Tong to take his sturdy steed and they exchanged horses. Unfortunately, their enemy, Zhang Ren, heard that Liu Bei rode a white horse and was on the lookout for a man fitting the description. Once they spotted Pang Tong, the enemy ambush unit mistook him for his lord and killed the strategist with several arrows.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (2010)Edit

Hex Mark was first mentioned by a man who used to be a fortune telling, said that "this horse brings luck to the owner". In Liu Bei's escape from the assassination, he survived across the river with the help of Hex Mark. In over 10 years, Pang Tong lend Hex Mark from Liu Bei to pass the road of hill, Pang Tong died in Zhang Ren's assassination with the shots of 40 arrows aim through Pang Tong. Hex Mark is also fallen from hands of Pang Tong.

First appearance: Episode 31

Ending: Episode 66

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