Huang Shun
Huang Shun
Character information
Force(s): None
Weapon Type: Bo Staff
Unique Weapon:
Staff of the Dark Arts
Significant Battle(s):
None (wanders the land participating in a number of skirmishes)
First appearance: Warriors Orochi 3

Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires

Historical information
Warriors Orochi Info
Battle of Koshi Castle
Character Type:
Personal Item:
Orb of Darkness

Huang Shun is a character that first appeared on Warriors Orochi 3. He is an evil half human half monkey manifestation that was brought to life when Susano'o's negative emotions infused themselves with Sun Wukong's powers. Now Huang Shun wanders the land bringing rampage and destruction everywhere he goes in order to located and kill Sun Wukong's offspring, Cao Xiang. 

Role in GamesEdit

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

Huang Shun is an half human half monkey entity that is created from the combination of Susano'o's negative emotions and Sun Wukong's powers. He moves to battlefield after battlefield, causing carnage and destruction in it's wake with his very powerful dark magic. He eventually joins Orochi's forces to find more stronger opponents to fight on the battlefield, but standing in the way of his plans is the child of Sun Wukong, Cao Xiang.

Dynasty Warriors 7: EmpiresEdit

During the events of Warriors Orochi 3, Huang Shun fought Cao Xiang and his friends in a devastating duel at Koshi Castle. The duel lasted so many blows due to Cao Xiang holding his own against his adversary by unleashing his elemental attacks at him, but Huang Shun turned the tables on him and brought the half monkey boy down with a powerful dark elemenal magic attack. As he was about to finish him off, a huge vortex suddenly before them. Before they knew what was going to happen, Huang Shun along with Cao Xiang and his friends were pulled inside the vortex which brought them back to ancient china.

While they were there, Huang Shun continued to fight Cao Xiang, Li Kang, and Jin Xiang in different battles across the land. But during the Fantasy Battle scenario, He was finally brought down by Cao Xiang after their lengthy decisive battle. Refusing to accept defeat, Huang Shun unleashed the Dark Izanami Wave attack in a final attempt to kill his nemesis, however, the attack kills him while Cao Xiang and his friends escaped the blast.

Character InformationEdit


Huang Shun is a ruthless and maniacal half monkey hybrid who causes chaos and rampage everywhere he goes. He is determined to test his skills and magical powers against his enemies on the battlefield and cares little for his allies as he sacrifices the reptillian generals Sidewinder and Diamondback to increase his powers to fight Cao Xiang at Koshi Castle. It is stated that Huang Shun is the only half human half monkey entity that is outright evil.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Ichitarou Ai- Warriors Orochi 3, Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires (Japanese)
  • Michael J. Tatum- Warriors Orochi 3, Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires (English)

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