Huangfu Song is one of the three Imperial Commanders who was sent to suppress the Yellow Turbans Rebellion. He was joined by Lu Zhi and Zhu Jun, serving under the former. With Zhu Jun, they drove back the rebels by setting fire to Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang's camps. Their enemies, though weakened, escaped and the area was generally considered to be contained. Huangfu Song relayed their situation to Cao Cao, who pursued Zhang Jue's fleeing brothers. When Liu Bei and his brothers rode to their side, Huangfu Song and Zhu Jun advised them to best head back and report to Lu Zhi.

He joined forces with Cao Cao to capture Zhang Liang in chapter 2. Since he won more success than Dong Zhuo, Huangfu Song was given his ranks in the court. His accomplishments are similar to history in that he sends Zhang Jue's corpse back to the capital and defeated Zhang Liang several times (Zhang Bao was besieged by Zhu Jun). He was awarded as the General of the Flying Chariots and the Imperial Protector of Jizhou. He recognized his friends, Lu Zhi and Cao Cao, by giving them higher titles. Lu Zhi regained the titles he lost and Cao Cao moved up and was given a new post at Jinan. Unfortunately, Huangfu Song and Lu Zhi lost their ranks during the Ten Regular Attendants' rise to power.

His last mention in the novel is in chapter 9 and he was one of the generals to lead an attack on Dong Zhuo's family at Meiwu Castle.

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