Kamachi Akimori
Character information
Force(s): *Kamachi
  • Otomo
Weapon Type: Dual Swords
First appearance: Nioh: The Beginning
Historical information

Kamachi Akimori was a general under The Otomo Clan and a veteran.

Role In Nioh Edit

He is first seen in a Otomo council meeting, discussing the threat of the Shimazu Clan. During the Council, Akimori suggests leading an army into Satsuma, to which Sorin immediately rejects. When the Mercenary Katsuhiro is spotted eavesdropping, He attempts to stop him, but he ends up defeated when Katsuhiro escapes. Later, during the Battle Of Mimigawa, He ends up encountering the same Mercenary again. Wanting to redeem himself after letting him get away, he duels him. But is defeated and killed. Before Akimori died from his wounds, He hoped his clan would be alright in the end.

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