The Battle of Kizugawa was decisive battle during the Sengoku Period which begin the start of Sanichizoku Period it was one of the Largest Naval Battle in History The Battle was fought between the Oda and the Alliance of the Azai and Uzumaki The Battle ended with the Azai Uzumaki Victory this enable Nagamasa and Yoshishige begin conquering Major Part of Japan Yoshishige conquor the Chugoku and Kyushu and Nagamasa Seize control of Tohoku and it also put halt of Nobunaga's Military Expedition to unify Japan under his control as Nobunaga suffer Major Losses during the Battle eventually Yoshishige and Nagamasa eventually became equally Powerful as Nobunaga and Major Part of Japan is now rule by the Oda  the Uzumaki and the Azai

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