Liang Ren
Character information
Force(s): Liang Ren's forces
Weapon Type: Flying Celestial Spheres
Unique Weapon:
Sage's Return
Significant Battle(s):
Battle of Hu Lao Gate

Battle of Hui Yeng

Battle of Shang Yong
First appearance: Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI

Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires

Historical information

Liang Ren is a fictional character that appears on Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI. He is an former elderly minster that used to serve the later Han Dynasty during his youth. He studied alongside Zhuge Gui ( Zhuge Liang and Zhuge Jin's father) and they became best friends, Liang Ren assists the later Han army in many battles. But at the Yellow Turban Rebellion in the year 184, he retired and now lives in peace in Tai Mountain, but soon came out of retirement when he adopted two young children that was snooping around his home, a young reckless 10 year old boy named Shen Kan and a shy and timid 8 year old girl named Yan Ling. Liang Ren became their adopted grandfather and taught them the ways of war and politics, when they both turned 13 in 190, Liang Ren managed to raise an army with the help of 7 officers who defected from Dong Zhuo army after witnessing him take over the Han capital, Jin Zhu, Hua Mei, Bai Zhen, Bai Sha, Lu Xing, Wu Liao, Shang Feng. Together they joined the other regional warlords in the alliance against Dong Zhuo and marched to Hu Lao gate and defeated the evil tyrant, only to cause him to burn down the city and escape to Chang An. Two years later, during the battle of Shang Yong against Zhang Lu, Liang Ren managed to occupy the city and drive back Yang Ren's troops in an double ambush. When his army emerged victorious, Liang Ren's heart gave out and he passed away, leaving his leadership to Shen Kan who suceeded him

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