Liang Shi
Character information
Force(s): Baojian Rogues (Bao Dang's Forces)
Weapon Type: Dual Steel Fan
Unique Weapon:
Prestige and Benevolence
Significant Battle(s):
Battle of Zhang Ye Battle of Xi Jun
First appearance: Romance of the Three Kingdoms X
Historical information

Liang Shi is a fictional character that appears in Romance of the Three Kingdoms X. He serves Bao Dang as a Minister of the Right in the Baojian Rogues army and is good friends with Sheng Ho and Jin Li, who are fierce generals that also serves the Baojian Rogues army. Liang Shi assisted Hai Sheng and Bo Qian at the battle of Zhang Ye against the Wei army led by Guanqiu Jian and Chen Tai in the year 256 after the Baojin Rogues defeated them at Bei Di, the Wei army were large in numbers and were formidable against the Baojian Rogues as they were driving them back. However Guanqiu Jian's troops were no match for Hai Sheng as she unleashed her terrifying might on the enemy soldiers, killing them. The Wei army was forced to retreat after Liang Shi launched a fire attack that leveled their main camp and killing many wei soldiers inside. In the year 262, Liang Shi, Pan Xiang, Xuanfeng Yang and Xuanfeng Mei assisted Jiang Wei as reinforcements at the battle of Taoyang to fight against the Wei army led by Deng Ai and Sima Wang on Bao Dang's orders. During the battle, the Xuanfeng siblings fought bravely by holding off the attacks of Sima Wang's troops but the both of them were eventually killed along with Xiahou Ba when they were ambushed on the mountain pass by Wei troops, causing the outnumbered Liang Shi and Pan Xiang retreat back to Wu Wei. After the Shu Kingdom fell in the year 263, Liang Shi led the Baojian Rogues army to attack the Wei army led by Hao Zhao at Mt. Xi Jun, however, the previous battles that he fought in began to take it's toll on his body which made him fall extremely ill. The Baojian Rogues managed to launch a counterattack against the formidable Wei troops during the lengthly battle and drove them back, leading the Wei army to retreat. The Baojian Rogues army defeated them and emerge victorious, but Liang Shi passed away shortly after the battle.

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