Lu Bu is a warrior who wants to prove his strength to all. First serving his adopted father, Dong Zhuo, he defies the Allied Forces at Hu Lao and Si Shui Gates. Known for his ferocity in the former battle, Yuan Shao warns his officers to steer clear of him in every game. In most titles, he has a special duel with Liu Bei and his brothers during the conflict. Not one to trust Dong Zhuo, he often gives into Diao Chan's deception and rebels against his former master in their story modes. In other characters' scenarios, he wanders the land after his benefactor's death and steals Xia Pi away from Liu Bei. Facing Cao Cao and Liu Bei's armies at the castle, Lu Bu dies after his defeat.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (2010)Edit

Lu Bu 10
Lu Bu(Feng Xian), the adopted son of Ding Yuan. He murdered his foster father to earn Red Hare Horses that was given by Dong Zhuo and he took Lu Bu as his own adopted son after the death of Ding Yuan. In the end, the war between both loves Diao Chan, Lu Bu kill Dong Zhuo to earn the hero who bring peace for the Han.

First appearance: Episode 1

Ending: Episode 17



Lu Bu and Red Hare 2010

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