Lu Hua
Character information
Force(s): Kang army
Weapon Type: Bladed Longbow
Unique Weapon:
Yin Longbow
Significant Battle(s):
Battle of Jian An
First appearance: Romance of the three kingdoms X

Dynasty warriors 6: empires

Historical information
Lu Hua is a fictional character that appears on of the Three Kingdoms X Romance of the Three Kingdoms X, she is an wandering officer that participated in the Yellow Turban rebellion and the Battle of Hu Lao Gate, after the campaign against Dong Zhuo ended, she keep wandering the land alone to find a lord worthy to serve until she ran into Liu Bei adopted nephew, Liu Ren. Liu Ren was forming an rogue army to build up his new territory in Jian An, Lu Hua agreed to join him and participate in the Battle of Jian along with other officers Liu Ren gathered to join his army. they were victorious and decided to capture yang province and Lu Hua continued fight many battles under Liu Ren

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