Mei Gao
Character information
Force(s): Mei Gao's forces
Weapon Type: Dao Sword
Unique Weapon:
Blade of Order
Significant Battle(s):
Mei Gao's Escape

Rescue of Mei Yan Tai

Battle of Xin Ye
First appearance: Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires
Historical information
Real name:
Dong Mei Gao
Chinese name:

Mei Gao is a fictional character that appears on Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires. She is the fictional grandaughter of the Han offical Dong Cheng and was involved with her family in a plot to assassinate Cao Cao, but was forced to flee with her older sister Mei Yan Tai from Xu Chang after the latter discovered the plot and put her entire family to death.

To avoid being captured by Cao Cao's forces, Dong Mei Gao changed her appearance and idenity and became a boy. Dong Mei Gao, now known as Mei Gao sets out to find her sister and vowed vengance against Cao Cao for the death of her family.

In Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires, she is 16 years old and her height is 120 cm (close to 4'1")

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