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Mumeno Shimokoube
New Mumeno Shimokoube
Name Information
Name Mumeno Shimokoube
Kanji 下河辺 ムメノ
Romaji Shimokōbe Mumeno
Basic Information
Birthday February 23rd
Age 20
Zodiac Pisces
Sex Female
Height 174 cm (5'7")
Blood Type O
Relatives Kiyotsuna Akao (Father)
Battle Information
Weapon(s) Kusarigama
Violet Tessen
Special Information
Affiliation Azai Clan
Habit(s) Stuttering
Hobbies Creating wedding paraphernalia
Favorite Flower Tanakaea (タナカエア)
Image Gallery

Mumeno Shimokoube (下河辺 ムメノ, Shimokōbe Mumeno) is the daughter of Kiyotsuna Akao, a senior retainer of the Azai clan who was spared by Nobunaga after the capture of Odani Castle. Her given name is Riyo Akao (赤尾 莉代).

Appearance Edit

Mumeno is a woman with a very surreal aura, accompanied by a generally unreadable expression. She has long, black hair with bangs sweeping over the right side of her face, full pink lips, and dark amber eyes with long eyelashes. There is a mole next to her nose on the right side.

Personality Edit

People think I don't give chances. I give chances! What I don't give is time.
In contrast to her calm appearance, she is very proud and enjoys making a big deal out of her achievements, though she shows some level of restraint. She makes it a point to know someone's deepest desires, and uses them to her advantage.

She is not bitter towards Nobunaga for the murder of her father, and in fact sees it one of the facts of life for someone within the war. Due to this, she admires Nene's ideal for a better world, but consistently says it's not possible, much to the latter's dismay.

Background Edit

Relationships Edit

Nobunaga Oda Edit

Nene Edit

Hanbei Takenaka Edit

Battle Information Edit

Fighting Style Edit

Riyo is highly proficient in a variety of weapons, ranging from close to far, offensive to defensive, making her a very dangerous opponent. Though she has some sense of honor, she differs from her father in the way that if she is in a drastic situation, she relies on underhandedness for an escape or win.

Weapons Edit

Kusarigama Edit

Violet Tessen Edit

Chokutō Edit

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