Onimusha Musou is a Koei and Capcom 3D hack and slash adventure game that takes place in the chapters of the chinese novel The Water Margin. It tells the story about a young boy named Bao Qin and his best friend Bai Shi who were warped from their time in the three kingdoms period and was transport to the timeline where The Water Margin took place. Now the two friends must fight their way through the imperial forces and the genma led by Gao Qiu as well as the 108 heroes with the help of the spirits of the elemental oni weapons in order to return to their home in the three kingdoms timeline before it's too late.


The player controls either the characters Bao Qin or Bai Shi and must fight through 25 stages that take place in the chapters of the Water Margin novel. During the story, Bao Qin and Bai Shi can obtain magical oni gauntlets and fight enemies with elemental weapons assigned to them. However, the elemental oni weapons like the Raizan are inhabited by a manifested spirit and can give both characters special powers and aid them during battle especially against the stronger boss characters. 


  • Bao Xing
  • Bai Shi
  • Nisashi
  • Raizan (Manifested Spirit of the Thunder Slash Blade)
  • Enryuu (Manifested Spirit of the Flame Dragon Sword)
  • Shippu (Manifested Spirit of the Gale Blade)
  • Tenso (Manifested Spirit of the Heavenly Pair Edges)
  • Chigo (Manifested Spirit of the Volcano Barren Axe)
  • Kuga (Manifested Spirit of the Sky Blade)
  • Raisen (Manifested Spirit of the Thunder Flash Spear and is Raizan's younger sister)
  • Hyousai (Manifested Spirit of the Frost Morning Star)
  • Enja (Manifested Spirit of the Flame Snake Sword and is Enryuu's cousin)
  • Song Jiang
  • Guan Sheng
  • Wu Yong

Boss CharactersEdit

  • Li Li
  • Tong Wei
  • Tong Meng
  • Tong Guan
  • Lin Chong
  • Cai Jing
  • Yang Jian
  • Fang Jie
  • Du Wei
  • Zheng Biao
  • Bao Daoyi
  • Element (Gao Qiu's creation)
  • Element Zero (Second Form)
  • Element Omega (Third Form)
  • Perfect Element (Final Form)
  • Suang Shi
  • Marcellus
  • Dordo
  • Gorr (Mini Boss)
  • Gertrude
  • Gao Qiu (Final Boss)


  • Zombie Warrior
  • Three-Eyes
  • Stealth Ninjas
  • Dark Spider
  • Bazuu
  • Barabazuu
  • Oowasha
  • Zagat
  • Zabiet
  • Zorm
  • Fugaku


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