"The Hundred Years War..."

Romance of the Three Kingdoms is the second television series adaptation of Luo Guanzhong's famous novel of the same name. Directed by Gao Xixi, the much anticipated series has a budget of over 100 million RMB and is due for release in 2010. The series will feature a total of 95 episodes.
* Cao Cao: Chen Jianbin (confirmed)
* Empress Dowager Bian: Shui Ling (rumored)
* Liu Bei: Yu Hewei
* Zhuge Liang:Lu Yi
* Zhao Yun:Nie Yuan
* Diao Chan:Chen Hao
* Sun Shangxiang:Ruby Lin
* Xiao Qiao:Zhao Ke
* Da Qiao: Liu Jing
* Zhou Yu: Victor Huang (rumored)
* Guan Yu: Yu Rong Guang (rumored)
* Lu Bu : Peter Ho
* Dong Zhuo : Lu Xiao He
* Sun Quan : Zhang Bo
* Sun Ce : Sha Yi
* Role Unknown as of yet: Betty Sun
Deviations from the Novel
The novel begins with the "Peach Garden Oath" of Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei and ends with the fall of Wu and the reunification of China by the Jin Empire, while Gao has stated that the series will begin later with Cao Cao's failed assasination attempt on Dong Zhou and will end sooner with the death of Wei minister Sima Yi.

Other cast





  • Diao Chan's foolish act.[1]
  • Zhang Fei's break the rules.[2]
  • Xu Zhu came to rescue Cao Cao, but Diao Chan was death. Cao Cao order Xu Zhu to be punished for the interuptions and beaten for 30 times. But Cao Cao cancel the punishment, knows that it's pointless.[3]
  • Zhang Fei's biggest mistake for punishing an innocent people and massengers.[4]
  • Cao Cao's fake dead.[5]
  • Zhuge Liang is forced to return their base.[6]

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Item name: THREE KINGDOMS Large-Scale Epic TV Drama

Total disc: 24 DVDs

Language: Original Chinese Mandarin





Aspect Ratio: 16:9(Widescreen)

Approx Runningtime:

~Episode 1 - 95(end)

~each episodes 45 Minutes, overall 71.25 Hours

Distributor: Beijing Orienthenghe TV & Movie Co. Ltd

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Gallery Actors


  • Jiang Wen was originally signed on for the role of Cao Cao, but quit after two directors had quit the project.
  • Ken Watanabe had asked director Gao Xixi for the role of Guan Yu. Gao claims he had to reject Watanabe due to his high asking price of 30-40 million RMB.
  • Tang Guoqiang, who had previously played the role of Zhuge Liang in the original CCTV series, had asked for the role of Cao Cao. However, Chen Jianbin had already signed on for that role.
  • Chen Shi, a Chinese model and actress, had secured the role of Sun Shangxiang before losing it to Ruby Lin in what the Chinese media had dubbed "The Battle of Sun Shangxiang". Director Gao has promised to recast her Chen in a different role.
  • Director Gao Xi Xi announced contract with Sha Yi on for the role of Zhao Yun. But in early of September, this role changed into Nie Yuan.
  • Japanese trailers available in Youtube videos.

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