Lu Bu, as he appears in Episode 1

During Prime Minister Wang Yun's 60th anniversary party, Cao Cao was claimed by the other Prime Minister and called him the Dong Zhuo's partner. Cao Cao swore himself to the other Prime Minister that he will silent murder Dong Zhuo to bring his pride as a hero of chaos.

In the next day, Cao Cao pay visit to Dong Zhuo and his first met Lu Bu in the castle have a few conversations, leaving Cao Cao and Dong Zhuo sleep alone, Cao Cao's draw his Great Sword(dagger) in silent murder was failed, suddenly awakes Dong Zhuo from the reflections of the sword and he poorly act as he gave a suprise of his Great Sword to Dong Zhuo as a gift.

Later Cao Cao was flee and Lu Bu with his Red Hare Horse gave the Shadow Runner to Cao Cao as a gift ordered by Dong Zhuo. Lu Bu later meet Dong Zhuo, but Dong Zhuo suspected that Cao Cao was trying to murder him, and so Dong Zhuo offer Lu Bu 5,000 Calvary to search and cut down Cao Cao's head immediately. Cao Cao's people in his castle was murdered by Lu Bu and his army however, they still search Cao Cao's hidding.

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