Related SceneEdit

  • In morning, Dong Zhuo arrived in his meeting, all the Prime Minister bound to his success since the queen given a message to accept the young emperor's throne.
  • Lu Bu return to meet Dong Zhuo and he apologize from Dong Zhuo from what he has cause, Dong Zhuo accept and forgive from what Lu Bu had done.
  • Wang Yun received a letter from the Queen, that Dong Zhuo break the rules in announce himself as an emperor, therefore he is captured and sentenced by Lu Bu, stab Dong Zhuo's chest to death.
  • Chen Gong brings the message to Prime Minister Wang Yun, that Guo Si and Li Jue surrender, since Dong Zhuo was death, their forces request needs food supply from Wang Yun's order. Wang Yun reject their forces request and not supply any food to them. Chen Gong advised to Wang Yun for supply them, but Wang Yun ignored.
  • Wang Yun sacrefice himself to the young Emperor that he has done a mistake.
  • Lu Bu and Chen Gong order their army to leave together.
  • In the midnight, Cao Song(Cao Cao's father) was murdered by Tao Qian's army.

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