Related SceneEdit

  • Cao Cao and his army came to Tao Qian's castle. Tao Qian tells Cao Cao that he will responsible for Cao Song's death. But Cao Cao don't even care, and he tells Tao Qian that he will rule his castle in 3 days. Tao Qian's health was weak, and so Cao Cao retreat later.
  • Upon hear the news that Tao Qian will be a war between Cao Cao. Liu Bei visit Gongsun San, and sending request to Zhao Yun to join forces. Gongsun San accept Liu Bei's request to let Zhao Yun join forces with his army.
  • Since Cao Cao heard Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun and his forces alliance with Tao Qian, Cao Cao inform his army to retreat with slow march.
  • After the victory, Tao Qian begging Liu Bei and his brothers to take his places and responsible to the citizens, but Liu Bei denied.

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