Related SceneEdit

  • Since after the retreat, Cao Cao taken his meal, Cao Ren report to Cao Cao that Liu Bei given a message that said Liu Bei not intend to fight, and Liu Bei was only help those who are weak. Liu Bei advised to Cao Cao but to gave a chance for Tao Qian investigate his army and punish for those who murdered Cao Song and to bring their head toward Cao Cao. Suddenly, another messanger arrived that said, that the west gate was ambushed be the forces of Lu Bu. Cao Cao grows anger, Cao Ren ask Cao Cao's next plan. Cao Cao tell Cao Ren that he will tolerate Liu Bei, but in the future when Wei's Force grow stronger he will target Shu forces, but for now Cao Cao is currently target Tao Qian.
  • Tao Qian is in the rest room and fallen ill. Tao Qian summon Liu Bei to accept his last request for take his place, forces, and the people. Liu Bei accept his request, and Tao Qian died after a few second.
  • Lu Bu and his forces came from the west gate and send Liu Bei a message to join forces temporary and against the Wei. Zhang Fei dislike Lu Bu however, Guan Yu and Liu Bei accept Lu Bu's request.
  • Lu Bu invite Liu Bei for the entertainment that Diao Chan wish to show her dancing talent.
  • Zhang Fei suddenly interupt Lu Bu and Diao Chan's entertainment for Liu Bei, Zhang Fei throw Halberd that belongs to Lu Bu strike beside of him. Lu Bu grows hatred, but Liu Bei apologize for the cause and discribe that Zhang Fei wasn't a knowledge fighter. As the result, Lu Bu ask Chen Gong to inform the forces persue to leave the castle and head toward Liu Bei's hometown.

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