Related SceneEdit

  • Young Emperor is in danger. The minister inform to Yuan Shao to save the emperor, but Yuan Shao ignore and concentrate for his army loaded for the next war.
  • Cao Cao heard the news from Yuan Shao that he ignore to save the emperor. Cao Cao hence fort with his armada to save the emperor from the ruins. With his plans success, Cao Cao pay his tribute to convince his loyalty to the emperor and Cao Cao is able to gain control over the Han dynasty.
  • Liu Bei decide to leave the main base for the next battle, Zhang Fei convince himself to stay. Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhao Yun leave the base for a day.
  • Liu Bei warn Zhang Fei to follow his rules when he stay:
  1. Don't drink and drunk.
  2. Control hatred.
  3. Don't abuse any officers.
  • Yuan Shu offer Lu Bu to take over Liu Bei's main camp and he offer Lu Bu 100,000 bags of rice after archieves.

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