Related SceneEdit

  • Zhang Fei order his strategist to write the banner in 3 rules and also to leave sign of his bowl that was describe from Liu Bei. Since after his order, he request for a 500 tons of wine and gave a treat for himself and to the rest of the fellow officers.
  • Since Zhang Fei was drunk, the accidentally abuse one of the officers, known as Lu Bu's cousin.
  • After Lu Bu's cousin is hurt badly, he return to Lu Bu's camp and inform him.
  • Lu Bu decide to take Liu Bei's main base after heard his cousin is abused. Chen Gong advised Lu Bu to commence an ambushed in the night.
  • Zhang Fei is drunk, he ignores the officers command and the main base is out of control.
  • Lu Bu's demand the offer from Yuan Shu, but he didn't promised.
  • After Yuan Shu hears his plan from the strategist, Yuan Shu offer twice to Lu Bu in the total of 200,000 Bags of rice as he promised to be an enemy of Liu Bei's forces.

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