Related SceneEdit

  • Yuan Shu ordered to Lu Bu to join forces against Liu Bei, but Lu Bu denied and he had no intend to war. Lu Bu decide and solve the peace between them.
  • Sun Ce serve his war under Yuan Shu.
  • Sun Ce visit his father's(Sun Jian) grave. After awhile, Zhou Yu appears to meet Sun Ce.
  • Sun Ce offer Yuan Shu with the emperor's conquerer stone for the request, Yuan Shu accept Sun Ce to return his homeland along with his father's fellow officers.
  • Since Yuan Shu obtain the emperor's conquerer stone, he is now crowned as the new emperor.
  • Since he heard the news about Yuan Shu was crowned, Cao Cao meeting with Xiahou Dun, Cao Ren and the rest of the officers and strategist for the next plan.
  • Yuan Shu offer Lu Bu to Yuan Shu's son to married Lu Bu's daughter, Chen Gong disagree with his offer.
  • The young emperor report to Cao Cao report the alliance to against Yuan Shu forces.

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