Related SceneEdit

  • Cao Cao ask his 3 strategist about his choice, "Kill Liu Bei or not". As the result, 3 options for Cao Cao:
  1. Kill Liu Bei
  2. Use Liu Bei and his forces
  3. Use Liu Bei, then kill him.
  • Cao Cao's army losing the morale for the cause of low food supply, Cao Cao decide to cut down one of his strategist, he refuse to be cut down due to his innocent. Cao Cao grant twice a reward to his family, without any doubt Cao Cao's army immediately cut him down and call his officer to hang the head on atop of spear to warn for raise the morale of every soldier and eat well for the next battle in 3 days to against the Yuan Shu forces.
  • Yuan Shu's lost the battle, but Cao Cao ask Liu Bei to join forces and against Lu Bu on the next battle, Liu Bei denied and warn Cao Cao that he will join Lu Bu if he dares go against him.

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