Related SceneEdit

  • Cao Cao plan to ask his strategist about Liu Bei and Lu Bu to be enemy. The strategist send the traitor of the Tao Qian forces, father and son become abbot for co-operate to join Lu Bu forces. They plan to convince Lu Bu to believe them.
  • Chen Gong do not wish the two abbot to join forces, but Lu Bu allowed them without hearing any advise from Chen Gong.
  • The two abbot gave Lu Bu about the secret letter from Cao Cao that was wrote about Liu Bei and Cao Cao plan to betray Lu Bu.
  • In Lu Bu's meeting, he inform Zhang Liao, Chen Gong, and the rest of the officers for the next campaign at Liu Bei's main camp. Lu Bu plans to leave one of the abbot to guard the main base.
  • Zhang Fei found a letter from the arrow that was send by Cao Cao, Wei forces confirm to be arrived on the next day.
  • Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, and Zhao Yun, plans to attack Lu Bu forces when Cao Cao forces arrived.
  • Since after the return of Lu Bu, their main base was captured by the traitor, left Lu Bu without any choices, Lu Bu and his forces return to Liu Bei's main camp.
  • Liu Bei and his brothers were alive from the war, Liu Bei left Cao Cao for his next campaign in Liu Bei's main camp, that was taken by Lu Bu.

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