Related SceneEdit

  • Lu Bu's stronghold was too strong, even Cao Cao wouldn't waste more casualties. Cao Cao tries to envy Lu Bu to join forces, but Chen Gong interupt and tells Lu Bu to ignore Cao Cao's praise. Cao Cao and his forces await for the gate open.
  • Diao Chan was fallen ill, Chen Gong plans for an ambush campaign for Lu Bu and his forces, but Lu Bu cancel their campaign and stay.
  • Lu Bu's stronghold is flooded, Chen Gong gave two options to Lu Bu:
  1. Open the gate.
  2. Stay in the stronghold and watch your army death and suffering.
  • Cao Cao plan to call the army and send multiple arrows with letters through Lu Bu's base, Guo Si, Li Jue and another officer read the letters, it was a great reward for those who capture Lu Bu alive.
  • Lu Bu saw the fellow officers read in the letters about capturing Lu Bu for reward, Lu Bu call his army and punish for those who read the letters without permission.
  • In the night, Lu Bu's army plan to capture Lu Bu while he is in the deep sleep, they took away Lu Bu's Great Halberd and bind him with the rope.
  • Lu Bu later captured, bring him and meet Cao Cao, Liu Bei was beside. Cao Cao was going to grant him death, but Lu Bu request for Liu Bei to spare his life, Liu Bei later ask Cao Cao to take Lu Bu as an adopted Son. But Cao Cao denied, he realise that if he's the 4th foster father of Lu Bu, Cao Cao might be dead by his hand.
  • Zhang Liao was taken to meet Cao Cao after Lu Bu was taken away, Cao Cao unchain Zhang Liao and envy him as the hero, Cao Cao gave Zhang Liao two choice, join the Wei forces or escape. Zhang Liao bow to his offer and join the Wei forces.
  • Since after Zhang Liao, Chen Gong appears. Cao Cao given him two choices, join or executed. Chen Gong choose to be executed and he swore before, that he won't join Cao Cao.
  • Diao Chan oath to be die along with Lu Bu during the execution, the wei army was given an order from Cao Cao to remove Diao Chan from Lu Bu and place her under the cell.

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