Related SceneEdit

  • Zhang Liao and Xu Zhu was ordered by Cao Cao to join Liu Bei's forces, but Liu Bei refuse and to order them to retreat.
  • Yuan Shu was spotted and his forces was defeated by Zhao Yun and his forces. Liu Bei had no choice as he was ordered by the Emperor Xian to capture Yuan Shu for execution. Liu Bei given Yuan Shu two choice according in the letter that Yuan Shu had no choice but to be executed. Yuan Shu gave up, he draw his sword and kill himself.
  • Cao Cao fallen ill, Cao Pi and Cao Zhang appears to hear his father Cao Cao's request.
  • Prime Minister Fu Wan was plan assassinate Cao Cao, regarding from the emperor's letter.
  • Liu Bei send his messenger to meet Yuan Shao in request of alliance, and plan to against the Wei forces.

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