Related SceneEdit

  • Emperor Xian's first wife Empress Fu Shou was discovered to have advocated a conspiracy against Cao Cao, Cao was still so angry at her that he forcibly had her deposed and executed. Meanwhile, Cao Jie was named empress to replace her.
  • Liu Bei inform his messenger to Yuan Shao for backup, but Yuan Shao ignore any words due to his son's illness. Yuan Shao not willing to engage his forces for a day.
  • Cao Cao begins to march the Wei soldiers after his daughter was crowned, Cao Cao began to assault Shu forces.
  • Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun and the shu army was trap in Wei's decoy camp during the night ambushed.
  • Liu Bei lost connection with his brothers and the rest of the army, he manage to escape from Wei's army. But Liu Bei was alone in the wasteland. Suddenly, Yuan Shao's strategist appears to greet Liu Bei.

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