Related SceneEdit

  • Guan Yu is well treated by Cao Cao, he was offered a food, money, silk, wine and ladies.
  • Cao Cao invite Guan Yu for a hunting activities, until Guan Yu arrived, Cao Cao call his son, Cao Pi to bring along Red Hare Horses and gave to Guan Yu as a suprise.
  • In the duel, Cao Cao sent Guan Yu to defeat Yan Liang.
  • Since after the death of Yan Liang, Yuan Shao sent Wen Chou to defeat Guan Yu, but Guan Yu wasn't in the battle field. Therefore Cao Cao sent Zhang Liao and Cao Ren against Yan Liang. Suddenly, Guan Yu arrived, Zhang Liao and Cao Ren leave the battle for Guan Yu, Yan Liang was defeat in first move from Guan Yu and Red Hare Horses.
  • Yuan Shao was going to cutdown Liu Bei's head to pay revenge for Yan Liang and Wen Chou, but Liu Bei gave a plan to solve, Liu Bei will send a letter to convince Guan Yu that his brother Liu Bei still alive and invite Guan Yu to join Yuan forces.

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