Related SceneEdit

  • Guan Yu decides to leave from the Wei's army, Cao Cao respect his request and gave Guan Yu a last gift, the Green Robe. Guan Yu in Red Hare Horses, leave with his Strategist, and 2 wives in peacefully.
  • Liu Bei leave Yuan's base and he kept his promise to negotiate Liu Biao and convince him to join Yuan forces for the next campaign in Cao Cao's battle.
  • Guan Yu pass the river gate by succeed in defeat the gate leader. However, further from their journey there are more enemies head toward Guan Yu.
  • Xiahou Dun appears, guard the gate and he will not let Guan Yu passed without Cao Cao's letter request, therefore the battle until the order arrives and approved that Cao Cao gave Guan Yu passed in peace.

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