Related SceneEdit

  • In Guan Yu's middle journey, Zhang Jiao appears with the group of bandits. Suddenly, Guan Yu's old friendship appears and slain Zhang Jiao to death. He later beg forgiveness to join Guan Yu's journey and becomes the personal Guard for his whole life. Guan Yu take a short times considering with his wives and they allowed.
  • Zhang Fei was found survived, drunk for the days his job, simply punish for those messengers who even gave a bad news. Since Zhang Fei heard that Guan Yu leave from the Wei forces and misunderstood of Guan Yu betray the Shu Forces, Zhang Fei grows anger and frustration.
  • Guan Yu return to meet Zhang Fei. However, Zhang Fei lose his thrust to Guan Yu. Therefore, Guan Yu proof that he is innocent by defeat the unknown forces target Guan Yu in 30 second. Guan Yu manage to defeat him in 28 second and Zhang Fei bow to him for his apologize.
  • Guan Yu and Zhang Fei met Zhao Yun, Guan Yu decides to accept one of Zhao Yun's desciple who requested to be Guan Yu's adopted son, Guan Ping. on their next journey to meet Liu Bei at the peach garden.
  • In Wu forces, Sun Ce discovered that one of his comrade was joinning the Wei's forces after received the letter from Cao Cao. Sun Ce grows anger and he ordered to all Wu forces to capture his head for reward.
  • Yuan Shao held meeting in his lair and hear the suggestions from the ministers and officers. Yuan forces is now total of 70,000 Troops to compare Wei forces is total of 50,000 Troops and Yuan Shao decides to launch the next campaign in battle at Guandu.

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