Related SceneEdit

  • Yuan Shao's army's battle morale is lower and loses a great casual amount. Yuan Shao's commence attack, however his strategist advise Yuan Shao and his forces to retreat.
  • After the lost of Yuan Shao and his forces, Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun and his forces just arrived. They are assign to defeat Wei army who chase Yuan Shao from his retreat.
  • Meanwhile in Wu's empire, Sun Ce and his wife, Da Qiao, heard the news that the battle between Wei and Yuan forces has just begun.
  • After the battle, Cao Cao send a letter to his son, Cao Pi to find an answer from his loyal strategist that due to the food supply amount, they should either advance forces(Attack) to Yuan Shao's main camp or to retreat. The answer is "Attack".
  • Yuan Shao later findout that his greatest strategist has relationship with Cao Cao, that both of them grew up together in the village. Yuan Shao expel him out of the base, later he was pay visit to Cao Cao.

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