Related SceneEdit

  • Xu You was killed by Xu Zhu for the cause of disgrace Cao Cao in gibberish while drunken, until Xu Zhu was anger, he dares to slay him death. Xu Zhu was sentence to death for killing Cao Cao's best friend, but his punishment was endure and given a heavy punishment after Xu You's funeral.
  • Since after Yuan was defeated, the Wei forces is now conquer half of the country. Cao Cao and his son, Cao Pi plan for the next campaign to take over either Liu Bei and Liu Biao.
  • Liu Bei and Liu Biao discuss about Liu Bao's future for his son's will, Liu Biao believed that he must rely on Liu Bei to support his son to lead his kingdoms. Liu Biao's 2nd wife, Cai Shi, already overheard their conversation. She plan to convince her husband to take his place besides his son. Liu Biao was anger and ignore his wife's plan.

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