Related SceneEdit

  • Cai Mao haste to assissinate Liu Bei at night, Liu Biao's son hurried tell Liu Bei to leave at once without leaving a words to Liu Biao. Soon as Liu Biao arrived, the officer given a fake excuse about save Liu Bei's life in deep trouble.
  • Liu Biao's son invite Liu Bei for a party. Zhang Fei request to follow Liu Bei, but Liu Bei decline and take Zhao Yun as his bodyguard. Unfortunately, Cai Mao incoming to hunt Liu Bei. He escape by ride Hex Mark from the base and cross through the river. The army aim through Liu Bei, but with Hex Mark horses, Liu Bei manage to escape from the river and land safely.
  • Zhao Yun went research for his Lord Liu Bei in the village, and they return to their main base for the meeting in the next campaign.

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