Related SceneEdit

  • Cao Cao plan to let Cao Ren lead in the next campaign.
  • During Cao Ren and his forces await in the field. Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun briefing for the battle policy that was lectured by the strategist, Xu Shu.
  • Shu's forces won the battle, Cao Ren and the rest calvary was only the total of 100 and less army.
  • Cao Cao inform the messenger to submit the letter and wrote about Xu Shu's mother was place under Wei's prison. Xu Shu arrived to meet Cao Cao, but the letter was fake. Cao Cao's plan is to bait Xu Shu out from the Shu forces.
  • Before Xu Shu leaves, he gave Liu Bei a clue to hire another greater strategist called Zhuge Liang lived in the Wo Long Hill. But the decision would be difficult to convince him.

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