Related SceneEdit

  • Since Zhuge Liang held conversation with Liu Bei, Liu Bei was envy of Zhuge Liang's knowledge and he bow infront of him. Later, Zhuge Liang accept to join Liu Bei's forces.
  • Sun Ce and his wife, Da Xiao, along with the Wu Guard goes for hunting activities. Sun Ce hunt for a hare while his wife is waiting.
  • When Sun Ce too 3 of the archer went through deep in the forest to hunt the hare, the 3 archers aim Sun Ce. Sun Ce losing blood from the injury and he terminate the betrayal of 3 archers. While Sun Ce was conscious in the bed room, Sun Quan appears and Sun Ce gave him an order to hold his rank as the Tiger of Jiang Dong. Sun Ce was affraid that he can't because of his age(18yr) is too young to responsible for the throne. Sun Ce gave a last words to Da Qiao to takecare of Sun Shao and let Sun Quan holds the power as the Tiger of Jiang Dong. Da Qiao kept her promise before Sun Ce pass away.
  • Since the death of Sun Ce, Zhou Yu appears in the funeral and Sun Quan pass his order to Zhou Yu that he was affraid that he's not ready to take the order yet. Zhou Yu refuse and discuss to Sun Jian's wife about Sun Ce's last words. Later after conversation Zhou Yu understands that Sun Quan might be in pressure if he can't control the forces. Therefore, Zhou Yu, Huang Gai and the Wu officers held infront of Sun Ce's funeral again, and he swore to give his promise and life to the Sun family, therefore he will continue serve under the Sun family.
  • Since Da Qiao obey his husband's last word, Da Qiao took along his son, Sun Shao and leave the castle.

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