Related SceneEdit

  • They have arrived at the port, with the help of Liu Qi, Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang had a conversation between Lu Su to arrange a meeting with the lord Jiang Dong, and discuss the plans that Wei army will arrinved in the future,
  • While Zhuge Liang and Lu Su is in the, there are over thousands of letter that was send by Cao Cao that wrote about soon to take over the country.
  • Since Lu Su brings Zhuge Liang to meet the ministers, they were questions to Zhuge Liang about "Ally and Enemy". Zhuge Liang manage to against and solved all the question they give, until he met Huang Gai and assist him to meet Sun Quan.
  • Zhuge Liang tries to provoke, Sun Quan leave the lair since he's hardly to decide the alliance between Shu and against Wei.

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