Related SceneEdit

  • Sun Quan filled with anger, Lu Su inform Sun Quan that Zhuge Liang was right about the Cao Cao's plan to conquer Jiang Dong. Sun Quan envy Zhuge Liang's management. And so both Sun Quan and Zhuge Liang discuss about the future of Jiang Dong.
  • In Zhou Yu's castle, Huang Gai, Zhou Tai, Gan Ning, Lu Meng and the rest of the Wu officers pay visit and tells Zhou Yu that they rather against the Wei for their live, not to serve under Cao Cao. Zhou Yu understands their request, meanwhile, Jiang Dong's minister arrive to request that to surrender and gave the land of Jiang Dong to Cao Cao. And so Zhou Yu will consider for the assembly on the next day.
  • Since after the ministers and officers pay visit to Zhou Yu, Zhuge Liang arrived and both meeting about alliance to against the Wei. Zhuge Liang provoke Zhou Yu and make him anger after he heard the news that if Jiang Dong surrender to the Wei, Cao Cao might takeover Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao as her wife. Zhou Yu grows anger and the meeting is over.
  • Zhou Yu gave his words to Xiao Qiao that he'll return to her after the war, but Xiao Qiao request to join together. Zhou Yu accept and he understands that she won't miss a chance to stay together.
  • In the morning, Sun Quan and Zhou Yu held in the lair with all minister attend to hear their suggestions. Zhou Yu decide not to surrender, but to against the Wei with the help of Shu. Sun Quan raise the sword and demonstrate that he will cutdown the table, Sun Quan said to those whose surrender to the Wei, might be the same as the table.
  • Meanwhile, Zhou Yu describe to Lu Su about the alliance with Shu. And both feels complicated about their thrust after the victory.

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