Related SceneEdit

  • In commander's room conversation between Zhou Yu and Lu Su, Zhou Yu discovered that Zhuge Liang was too Inteligent that might killed by him. Zhou Yu plan to kill Zhuge Liang, but Lu Su advise Zhou Yu to defeat the first enemy is Cao Cao.
  • Zhou Yu discuss Zhuge Liang about the strategy plan, Zhou Yu offer 2000 Calvary to Zhuge Liang and attack on Wei's camp in the night. Since after the plan is over, Zhuge Liang leave with a bad sign. Lu Su seems Zhuge Liang to be a bad connection with Zhou Yu and he question Zhuge Liang about his opinion. Zhuge Liang knows that the plan was risk that he could dies in the hand of Wei, and he provoke on Zhou Yu that a warrior only rely on strategist for the war. Zhou Yu was anger, he change his plan to attack Wei's camp.
  • Meanwhile in Wei camp, Cao Cao rely on Cai Mao and Zhang Yun in the trainning on every ship army strategy.
  • Cao Cao's strategist, Jiang Gan have a plan to persuade Zhou Yu. Jiang Gan is said that both of them grew up together, and Jiang Gan pay visit to Zhou Yu for a drink.
  • Since Jiang Gan arrived at the Wu's camp, Zhou Yu held a party in commander room and Zhou Yu announce his law during the party, that he like to share personal experience and not to mention any words about forces, and if those who dares to mention about forces will be direct executed. Jiang Gan can't persuade, but he'll continue from Xiao Qiao's sword style entertainment.
  • In the late night, Zhou Yu and Jiang Gan was drunk. Zhou Yu tells Jiang Gan to drink more and both share their chat until asleep in commander's room.

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