Related SceneEdit

  • Zhuge Liang returns to the Shu army safely, Liu Bei was proud of his success.
  • Since after Huang Gai was fully recovered, Zhou Yu call the executioner to bring the traitor kneel infront of the Wu army, the traitor was Cai Zong and Cai Qi. Zhou Yu's army discovered that they send a scroll toward the Wei's messenger. Since Huang Gai was proof to be innocent, Cai Zong and Cai Qi was executed. The Wu army marching and prepares in the battleship to set sail.
  • Liu Bei's plan for now is to search Cao Cao in the night, Zhuge Liang gave orders to Zhao Yun, Zhang Fei, Mi Zhu, and the rest of the officers to start their patrol. Then Guan Yu was ignored, Zhuge Liang affraid that Guan Yu would be mercy to leave Cao Cao alive. Guan Yu swore, that he'll capture Cao Cao alive, Guan Yu took Guan Ping and the Shu forces to begin their patrol.
  • In the night, the battleship of war between the Wei and Wu army was a disasters. The Huang Gai set a tactics to leave the front battleship as a fire decoy to crush the ships of Wei. The Wei army lost many casualties and their weak against the flames. Cao Cao had no choice but to retreat with his loyal strategist and officers, including the calvary.
  • Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei, trace the Wei army and led Cao Cao retreat. Even Gan Ning and Lu Meng kill the Wei armies who tries to escape.
  • Cao Cao and his army was confronted Guan Yu. Cao Cao tries to tell Guan Yu that he had saved his life before from the bridge. Guan Yu couldn't bare to capture or kill Cao Cao, and so Guan Yu let Cao Cao and the Wei army escape from the destination.

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