Related SceneEdit

  • Since the Wu gain victory at the battle of Chibi, Sun Quan pay visit to his military camp and meet Zhou Yu with the rest of the Wu officers. In the night, Sun Quan, Zhou Yu,and Lu Su held meeting in the discussion about Shu. Sun Quan told Lu Su to pay visit Zhuge Liang and findout the news about Cao Cao.
  • Meanwhile, in Shu's military camp, Lu Su pay visit Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei and Zhang Fei. they are taken a meal and await for Guan Yu to arrive. Suddenly, Guan Yu appears with upset. Zhuge Liang questioned him about his mission to obliterate Cao Cao. But Guan Yu gave his reason that he failed to defeat Cao Cao and led him escape. Zhuge Liang can't even believe his word, even Liu Bei knows that Guan Yu lied to them and he knows that Guan Yu is the powerful ally. Since Sun Guan Yu break the military order, Zhuge Liang decides to cease him on execution. Liu Bei ignored, but Zhang Fei wouldn't allowed. Zhang Fei draw his weapon and yell toward Zhuge Liang. Liu Bei had no choice but to order Zhang Fei to apologize Zhuge Liang of his rude behaviour. Zhang Fei not even forgiven him, and so Liu Bei took Zhang Fei's weapon and tries to suicide. Zhang Fei and Guan Yu remember from what they had said from their oath in the peach garden, "We are sworn brothers, born from different times, no matter how much the risk we have taken, we share the pain, but to die in the same time." Lu Su and Zhuge Liang undestand their consequence, and so Guan Yu's black list report shall be recorded from the history. Lu Su kept their secret about Guan Yu's failure, as he promise only to report the Wu forces that Cao Cao manage to escape.
  • In Wei, Cao Cao was resting in the stronghold and regret for the lost, even he can't bare to eat and drink for two days. Cao Cao order Xu Zhu to sound the drum and raise the moral for the meeting. The officers and soldiers held on Cao Cao political conversation during the assembly.
  • In the cell room, Cao Cao meet the strategist that was held in prison. Cao Cao took a conversation with him and he was formally known as Ma Heng, but Cao Cao learned that he discovered his true identity was Sima Yi.

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