Related SceneEdit

  • Cao Cao's four sons has come to welcome for his fathers return, but later, Cao Cao given a mind test to his four sons to answer the next question that Cao Cao's next action. The three of his sons given an answer that Cao Cao unable to accept, but the youngest son, Cao Xiong, given the correct answer that Cao Cao's right prediction. And so Cao Cao represent Cao Xiong to his lecturer, Sima Yi.
  • Cao Pi was asking his strategist, Zhang Wen, to provide the full details about Sima Yi's background. Zhang Wen said that Sima Yi and his family was born to be educated family, even Sima Yi's mastermind is greater than Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang. Cao Pi was affraid that someday, Sima Yi will takeover the Wei forces, Zhang Wen explain that he and Sima Yi, was born together during childhood. Both of them are close of family. And so Cao Pi ordered to Zhang Wen and take a discussion with him to findout his action.
  • Meanwhile, Cao Cao rush to see him both sons was poisoned and fallen ill, Cao Pi and Cao Xiong. Both of them is said to be poisoned by the snake bite. In a few hours later, Cao Xiong was death, but the medical staff describe that Cao Pi will have a chances to survive.
  • In Cao Xiong's funeral, the three of the Cao Cao's son attended in the funeral. Cao Cao need an answer the person was behind this, but Xun Yu affraid that he had no answer. And so Cao Cao decides to forget this tragic and inform Xun Yu whoever decades about Cao Xiong's tragedy shall be cutdown.
  • Meanwhile, Sima Yi attended in Cao Xiong's tombstone. Cao Pi suddenly appears to visit Cao Xiong's tombstone and requested Sima Yi to lecture him. Sima Yi will not provide him a knowledge, and he only take orders from Cao Cao.

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