Related SceneEdit

  • Since the Wu and Shu were prepares for the next campaign. Zhou Yu's officer visit the Shu's camp and discuss about the next campaign to offence Cao Ren's stronghold. Zhou Yu highly recommanded for his forces to take over Cao Ren's stronghold in 30 days. If Zhou Yu failed to do so, he'll leave the campaign to the Shu in take advantage.
  • Liu Qi is in hi fever, Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei pay visit while Liu Qi is resting.
  • In noon, Zhou Yu let Gan Ning to lead his forces to takeover Cao Ren's stronghold. Niu Jin was granted 5000 soldier to attack Gan Ning forces until their forces morale is lower, Cao Ren commence the whole army to launch and attack. The result of the battle was, Gan Ning retreat from the battlefield and the whole Wu army was wipeout.
  • Zhou Yu and his army launch the sneak attack in the night when the Wu detected Cao Ren and the whole army plans to escape and leave the stronghold empty. Since Zhou Yu commence the suprise attack, Cao Ren had no choice but to inform the whole army to flee.

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